Screenshots from v1.5

Screenshots taken on an ArchLinux / GNOME 3 system.

Screnshot Linux-1

Screnshot Linux-2

Screnshot Linux-3

Screnshot Linux-4

Screnshot Linux-5

Screnshot Linux-6

Screenshots from v1.0

Screenshots taken on an ArchLinux system.

Loaded one file, default font, custom purple theme. All of the themes that are visible here are available on Windows builds as well.

Screenshot Linux-1

Custom green theme, together with data selection region and some modified bytes.

Screenshot Linux-2

Goto dialog.

Screenshot Linux-3

Different font, different ASCII-only view.

Screenshot Linux-4

Different custom theme (blue), some more modified bytes.

Screenshot Linux-5

Loaded another buffer into the same window. Rearranged tabs to split-screen view.

Screenshot Linux-6

More complicated split-screen configuration.

Screenshot Linux-7

Every pane can be detached from the main window, and moved to a different (external) window. This can be helpful in multi-monitor configurations.

Screenshot Linux-8

More complicated configuration featuring an external window.

Screenshot Linux-9