TrueSight v1.1 beta

Changes in the GUI component:

  • Semantic changes to some dialog boxes
  • Added small improvements in the Options dialog
  • Fixed some options still being enabled on program start without any files loaded
  • Fixed empty MRU menu on first start of the program
  • Fixed WWW link in the About dialog box
  • Changed location of the View menu (now it’s placed near Edit menu)
  • Added support for remembering main window position and restoring this position

Changes in the CORE component:

  • Added support for Ctrl+A hotkey - “Select All”
  • Fixed synchronization issue between two views, when they have different BytesPerLine setting
  • Fixed a bug where right clicking on the scroll bar didn’t forward move events to other linked views
  • Fixed rendering corruption on new buffers of black color was used
  • Fixed choppy movement of scrollbar’s FOV marker
  • Added support for selecting uppercase/lowercase letters in the Hex view

Download information: