TrueSight v1.3 beta

Changes in the CORE component:

  • Added new feature: jump to sector.
  • Added new feature: jump to bookmark.
  • Added more Vim-inspired hotkeys: x, p, P, y, Ctrl+R (thanks to @rotflolmaomgeez from
  • Fixed a bug when jumping over the last offset resulted in jumping somewhere inside first sector.
  • Fixed a bug when undo-ing/redo-ing a “jump” action marked buffer as dirty.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘0x’ prefix wasn’t recognized as a valid byte pattern in Find dialog (thanks to @inflo from
  • Fixed a bug where entering division by 0 in Lua-powered editboxes caused a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where after undo-ing a region remove operation during selection tracking would allow to create multiple selections.
  • Minor: Convinience changes in Options dialog box.
  • Minor: Added creation of a selection when matching a pattern in Find option (thanks again to @inflo).

Download information: